Felipe Nasr’s Home

September 3, 2016 3:30 pm
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Felipe’s “crib” – the Nasr residence in Brasilia.

Felipe Nasr spends a lot of his time in his London flat or in hotels around the world. But when he’s back home in Brazil, he stays with his family, in the family residence in the outskirts of Brasilia.

Join Felipe as he takes you on an exclusive tour around the family’s house. Learn about his favourite places and how he spends his personal time.

Felipe Nasr Net Worth : $2.5 Million (2016)

Date of Birth : August 21, 1992
Country / Birthplace : Brasília, Federal District, Brazil
Age : 23 Years Old
Occupation : Race Driver
F1 Team : Sauber-Ferrari

One of the top professional drivers from Brazil currently part of the Sauber-Ferrari F1 team . He is working hard to get good results his performance in 2015 is quite better . He is active in Formula One since 2014 and In 2015 he takes part in most races earned 27 points from all races he started . Nasr finished at 14th position on the table with most points then other drivers like (Fernando Alonso). His best performance is considered at Australian Grand Prix 2015 where he finished 5th . He is currently getting paid annual salary $850,000 with his new contract .